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There is no doubt that everyone faces a lot of problems about what should they write the title for their new blog post. Are you facing the same problem in finding the best headline for your blog post? Therefore, to eradicate this kind of problem there are certain tools are available. Among them, one of the best tools is CoSchedule: The #1 Headline Analyzer. Hence, in this guide, I will give you a detail explanation about how to write the best headline for a blog post.

So, without any further delay, let’s start and take a tour with me.

Steps To Follow

Search for a tool called “Headline Analyzer CoSchedule” in Google.


Here, in this search box, you type your idea about your post title. Based on your title, it will show some score about your post title.

You can check/check your headline score for your post title.

Along with you can also check your score for your post title. Score more than 70 is always better.




It also tells you about how much your current post title is powerful. It analyzes on the basis of common, uncommon, emotional and power.

Suppose, you have written an amazing blog article but your post title is very poor. Then definitely people will not be going to click on it.

Therefore, we have to do work for that. You can spend at least 5 minutes to analyze to see different types of headlines that you can use for your blog and come up with the best post title. You’ll see how beautiful it is. It’s pretty awesome right…

Why is it useful?

Definitely, it’s one of the best tools for best headline writing for your blog post. When you share your blog post on Social Network sites or whenever your headline coming up on search engines, if your headline is not appealing or well optimized then obviously no one is going to click on it. It makes sense, right?

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It doesn’t matter whether you are on the first page of Google, if your headline is not attracting, no one will click on it. It matters in Social Sites also.


So, probably you have got an idea about how to write the best headline for a blog post. Hence, headline plays a vital role in traffic generation for your blog. For that, you need to come up with the best headline for your blog post.

I hope this article is going to help for all the newbie bloggers for their successful blogging journey.

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

happy Blogging!


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