Grammarly Review: Excellent Free Online Grammar And Spell Checker

Hey Guys, in this article, I am going to give you a very detailed review on a grammar tool, called Grammarly. This is an excellent tool for grammar. This article is definitely going to be so much helpful for those who are writers, bloggers, students. In this blog post you will learn how to get your free Grammarly tool.

Grammarly-Grammar Checker Tool

To be honest with you, when I came into blogging I made huge mistakes in writing. The main reason behind this was I am very poor in writing English. As English is not my native language. I think you might have the same problem too.

Well I think, whenever you want to write an article  you probably in a rush or sometimes you are in very fast in typing. It makes sense, right. Therefore, for this reason, you can make that mistake too regarding your grammar. You may make mistake in typically typos and spelling mistakes.

The best thing that you can probably get rid out of this issue spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is to using some tools. You must need proofreading before publishing your posts.​ 

You no need to worry so much for this. As because Grammarly has made it easier for you. Let's go directly to the tool called Grammarly.

What Grammarly is all about?

Grammarly has introduced a plug-in browser extension which amazingly adds value to your daily life if you are a content writer, a blogger or a student.

It is a free tool that you can integrate in your browser as a extension​ or as an application to your PC/laptop. It helps to improve your grammar if you are not quite good in English.

There is no doubt we should always try to improve our grammar because we spend so much time in writing emails, writing updates on social media, writing blog posts. Having proper grammar skill will help you to communicate with other people. Professionalism is very much important in online. You no need to worry so much about for that. As because, Grammarly is there for you.

Remember that you must need to improve your grammar skill to show good impression to others.

I've been using Grammarly from the last 3 months and I found it a total worthy. I really love it and definitely you should be using it.

How Grammarly Works?

Follow the following simple steps

Grammarly Login

2. ​Enter your details in those respective fields.

3. ​Choose an Account (Free or Paid)

Welcome To Grammarly

There is an browser extension for Grammarly which is 100% free

To install Grammarly Extension in Google Chrome Browser

1. Go to your browser settings.

2. Click on Extensions

3. Click on Get More Extension.

4. Type 'Grammarly' in the search box.

5. Add the extension called 'Grammarly for Chrome'.

If you want upload any document to analyze your grammatical error(s) then you need to login with your existing account.

You can see a demo document​ in your Grammarly dashboard. Click on it and check the errors that present in that document.

Grammarly Demo Document

So, in this demo document, you can see some of the grammatical errors. You can make them correct and then save the document.

You can upload your own any document from Dashboard 

How To Work With Grammarly Extention

​To work with browser extension of Grammarly, you need to log out from your dashboard. 

When you log out click on the Grammarly extension in the top most right corner you can see Grammarly is active.​ 

Grammarly Works with Facebook posts

Grammarly Facebook

Grammarly Works with Tweeter

Grammarly Tweet

Grammarly Works Email Composer

Grammarly mail inbox

Hence, you can now imagine that Grammarly is a best tool for free grammar checking. There are more features if you go for premium account.


Grammarly is for everyone. If you want to show professionalism in any field that requires grammatical skills then Grammarly is must for you.

Now Your Turn

I hope you love this article. Share this post in order to reach it to the prior people.

If you are already a Grammarly tool user then let me know about your experience with it.

Is there any best alternatives of Grammarly present? ​Do let me know in the comment section.

Thank you so much for spending time with this article.​


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