8 Powerful Facebook Metrics for your Social Media Campaigns

This article is really going to be helpful to you for social media campaigning. I’m sharing 8 Powerful Facebook Metrics For Your Social Media Campaigns.

With all the social media marketing activity happening on Facebook, understanding the Facebook metrics that drive traffic and lead to conversions, is very important.

Is the Facebook metrics limited to just the likes and reach of the posts? If you delve into the insights, you will find numerous other metrics that are important to analyze the performance of your Facebook marketing campaign. And with an effective analytics tool for Facebook, brands can evaluate the performance of these metrics for achieving their social media marketing goals.

So which metrics are the ones you should pay attention to? Let’s find out.
8 Powerful Facebook Metrics for your Social Media Campaigns

There are two levels at which you should track your Facebook metrics and can also export data from the button at the top right-hand corner. A pop-up appears:Facebook Matrices

• Page-level metrics

The page level metrics helps marketers determine the actual footprint of their Facebook page. The page reach reflects the unique audience that viewed your content/page. It determines several factors like audience growth, engagement, feedback, shares, and likes. Your fans are the people who have liked your page.

• Post-level metrics

These metrics monitor the performance of the individual posts. You can monitor the post reach, engagements, likes and shares each of your posts receives.

The clickthroughs on the posts direct the audience to your page/website further enhancing their engagement with your product.

Tracking the two levels of metrics simultaneously with help you monitor your page growth and post performances. Post-level metrics provide an authentic and exact evaluation of the performance of the posts. But on a broader level, we track the page-level Facebook metrics, as these statistics give marketers huge amounts of data to evaluate and use for devising better social media marketing plans.

Facebook metrics that matter the most

1. Overview

Facebook Matrices Overview

The overview tab gives a detailed insight into all the data of your Facebook page at a glance. Get a bird’s eye view of the page likes, engagement, and the reach of all your posts. The overview tab also provides a glance of the 5 most recent posts and all the recent activity related to it. This is your` monitoring board from where you can track the performance of your Facebook page as a whole.

2. Likes and reach

Facebook Likes and Reach

When we see an interesting post on our FB timeline we click the ‘like’ button. On the brand’s end, the business might be elated to see the soaring number of likes.


Well, from a social media marketer’s point of view, it’s just half the battle won.
Facebook Post Reach

Though ‘likes’ is an important yardstick to measure the number of fans you have, it is the ‘post reach’ that conveys the rightful status of your content. Use the data selector to select the option of viewing data from the last week, quarter, or month. From the reach tab, find the total reach of your Facebook posts using paid and organic sources. You can also get an accurate listing of all the negative and positive actions related to your Facebook posts. It’s important to track your positive actions, but it is essential to keep a close vigil on the negative actions because it means that the audience does not like something about your posts. Make the needful amendments. Businesses should constantly track and monitor their performance over time to ascertain which posts are more popular and concentrate on promoting them often.
Facebook people reach

This page gives details about the number of unique people who visited your Facebook page. You can see your reach in terms of the organic reach, paid searches, viral searches, and more.

3. Engagement

Engagement= likes+ comments+ shares

This is where we enter the real social media game. In the overview section of your Facebook Insights page, you can view the number of people engaged to your page in the last seven days.

The audience engagement is the pulse that ticks your marketing plan. Engagement is the interaction of your fans with your posts. Their likes, shares, comments all boil down to engagement. And yes, you can never assess this over a short span of time. Closely monitor the engagement of your fans over a period of few weeks to months, to find out what most likely to engage in. You can use the social media analytics tool to probe deeper and measure the prowess of your content. The Engagement has to be reviewed at the post-level. Dig and delve deeper into the analytics to understand which of the posts your audience engages with the most. Channelize all your efforts towards promoting them.
Facebook recent Posts

4. Pages to watch

Facebook insights give us the incredible option of viewing our competitors’ post engagement rates. At the bottom of the overview page, you will find ‘pages to watch’ where you can analyze your competitors Facebook page performances.
Facebook Pages To Watch

Facebook pages to watch

This is a relatively new block on Facebook where you can add your competitor’s page to see what they are up to. Look around and learn where your competitors perform well. If you spot a particular area where they are performing exceptionally well; check out their recent activity. Try and replicate the same conditions to get similar results.

5. Visits

There are 40 million active small business pages on Facebook and 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook. (Source: Forbes)

Facebook Page visits

Facebook analytics offers the ‘Visit’ tab, which provides information about those areas of your Facebook page that is visited most frequently. You can also check the corresponding action taken by the audience, like mentions, check-ins etc.
Facebook Page Activity

6. People

Facebook People Overview

In the people tab, find out the audience demographics and the gender that identifies well with your brand. Post content according to the suitable timings in those countries to derive the maximum out of your social media marketing campaigns. Using these metrics, expand your businesses to international frontiers and tap the correct audience.

7. Posts

  • Wednesday, 3.00 pm is the best time to post on Facebook.
  • Other optimal times include:-
    • 12:00–1:00 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays
    • 1:00–4:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays. (Source: HubSpot)

Crack the code of your social media marketing puzzle by knowing the best times your fans are active on Facebook. Using the statistics from Facebook analytics, post repeatedly on those times using automated social media scheduling and marketing tools to increase your online presence.

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If you are posting great content at all the wrong times, you will derive nothing out of your marketing campaigns. So monitor the times when your fans are most active on Facebook, and then, strike the iron when it’s seething hot! Fresh posts will be visible to your fans that will then be more likely to engage with it.
Facebook Published Posts

The performance of your post can be scanned on the basis of the following:

  • Comment
  • Like
  • Share
  • Click profile of commenter
  • Click- photo/link
  • Video play
  • Expand description
  • Expand comments

By observing your Facebook page Insights, you can get a detailed understanding of the type, target, reach and the engagement of your individual posts. After studying these statistics thoroughly, go ahead and post links that are productive and engaging. Brands keep posting links to stay alive on the online platforms, without understanding the relevance of quality content and how posting good content can drive traffic and lead to conversions.

8. People talking about this:: Page Insights

Facebook Insights

While ‘likes’ get all the attention, another very vital metric is the ‘people talking about this’ tab. This feature is compiled on the basis of all the likes, comments, status likes, status updates and all other activities centered on the page, over a seven day period. These statistics can be used by businesses to analyze how well they ‘connect’ with their fans and how effective their promotional campaigns are.

The page insights feature provides a simple version of the Facebook insights. You can view simple statistics like demographics, popular times, and your ardent fans. You can always view insights of not just your page but also the pages of your competitors.


So let’s summarize it up well for you. Producing content for social media marketing campaigns is actually- the easiest part. Customizing them over a series of parameters so that they are visible on Facebook and lead to conversions is the real catch. Well, on a lighter note, it’s not as hard as it seems. Track your businesses performance using Facebook insights and formulate your Facebook marketing strategy accordingly. These Facebook metrics provide a huge database to brands, businesses, and marketers about their page and post performances. Monitoring this vast amount of data is not practically viable. Hence these 8 metrics can be derived from Facebook insights that will help you measure and evaluate your marketing efforts. Use these metrics effectively to make your social media campaigns purposeful and result-driven.

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